The Beechwood Way - Summer 2022 Vol.21

WHEN IT RAINS, IT POURS. Although this expression is typically associated with difficult times, here at Beechwood it has taken on a different meaning lately. As you can imagine, we have been having lots of actual rain feeding the grass, gardens and trees. Making everywhere look lush and beautiful.

Beechwood is at its finest, if we do say so ourselves. We also had a large number of events, almost too many to share in this issue. Our program as always started in the earlier days of spring, where we honoured the contributions of Grete Hale to Beechwood and the Ottawa Commandery of the Order of Saint Lazarus. Mrs. Hale unveiled a newly planted tree and two plaques in her honour. They sit proudly in the Dr. Rogers garden in front of the Beechwood National Memorial Centre.

Following this great event, we held tours, trained new tour guides, participated in Doors Open Ottawa, held estate planning workshops, RCMP 149th anniversary ceremony and the CSIS fundraiser called Spies in the Cemetery. Retired FBI Agent John Whiteside spoke about the 1965 Cold War Case where disgruntled U.S. soldier Robert Stephan Lipka walked boldly into the U.S.S.R. embassy in Washington, DC. Inside, he negotiated the sale of highly sensitive National Security Agency documents. Thirty-two years after first committing treason, he was finally brought to justice by Whiteside and his partner —his conviction ending the longest-running open espionage case in U.S. history.

With all these events, Beechwood continues to work towards our 150th anniversary with a program that will celebrate the community we have been so lucky to serve. If you aren’t following us on social media, you definitely will be missing out on stories and other activities we are undertaking.

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