For those choosing cremation, Beechwood has a crematorium, including certified professionals, on the property—another feature of the convenience of having everything you want in one location at Beechwood.

Commemorative Services

Either before or after cremation, Beechwood can help you celebrate the life of your loved one. Beechwood’s commemorative services include visitations, life celebrations, memorial services, funerals, informal gatherings and catered receptions. As well, Beechwood can coordinate with an event that may be taking place in another location—for example, a funeral or memorial service at your place of worship. If there is something completely different or unique that you would like to plan, Beechwood is more than happy to work with you to ensure your vision is achieved. Whether you choose multiple services or only one, our facility creates a welcoming place so that you may remember and honour your loved one’s life. Our facilities 

Urn Selection and Burial Options

Some see cremation as an alternative to traditional burial, but in addition to the many burial and memorialization options exclusively available for cremated remains, traditional options are also available. After the cremation, the remains are placed in an urn, which can be kept in a special place with the family or interred either in ground or above ground in a variety of locations at Beechwood. This allows family members and friends to visit their loved one whenever they choose. Beechwood recognizes that these choices are very personal and can accommodate whatever is right for you and your family and fits within your budget.

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For no-obligation information about our cremation services, contact Beechwood Funeral, Cemetery and Cremation Services.