Beechwood is proud to be
The National Cemetery of Canada
Serving all cultural, ethnic and faith groups.

In 2009, Beechwood was recognized by an Act of Parliament that received all-party support as the National Cemetery of Canada, created by Canadians for Canadians.

Jim Prentice, then Minister of the Environment, stated, “Establishing a national cemetery in Canada’s capital will serve as an important symbol of Canadian unity and pride, and a means of preserving and promoting Canada’s rich history and our diversity.” He went on to say, “By virtue of its location here in our National Capital, Beechwood serves as a focal point for our national memorial events, including Remembrance Day, and it is an appropriate place to conduct state burials.”  View Bill C-17 here, and click here for Parks Canada information.

Despite this honour, Beechwood is not publicly funded. Furthermore, Beechwood operates on a not-for-profit basis ensuring all funds are dedicated to the maintenance, preservation and enhancement of this National Historic Site. That is a beautiful thing to be a part of and comforting to many.

Beechwood is the final resting place for over 85,000 people, with the majority being everyday Canadians. In addition, Beechwood is proud to be the final resting place for many members of the Canadian Forces, Veterans, War Dead, RCMP and Ottawa Police, plus Governors-General, Prime Ministers and Canadian Victoria Cross recipients.

With approximately 35 acres still undeveloped, Beechwood can meet the burial needs of Canadian families for decades to come.