Planning a Remembrance is the First Step Most people find that pausing to reflect on an individual’s life provides comfort as well as a respectful remembrance of their loved one. Whether you are considering cremation or a casket burial, selecting the type of commemorative event that is right for you or your loved one is the first step in making final arrangements.

Planning a remembrance

Many Different Types of Remembrances

Beechwood offers a wide variety of commemorative options including traditional funerals, life celebrations, memorial services, informal gatherings and catered receptions. It may be something very private or it may include your extended family and friends. It’s a personal choice, and Beechwood can accommodate whatever is right for you and your family.

Personalized Choices Are Welcomed

Beechwood can coordinate with an event that may be taking place in another location; for example, a funeral or memorial service at your place of worship. If there is something completely different or unique that you would like to plan, Beechwood is more than happy to work with you to ensure your vision is achieved.

Unparalleled Facilities

Whatever your wishes, Beechwood provides one-of-a-kind beautiful facilities to accommodate them.

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