The Beechwood Way - Winter 2022

AS WE START 2022, we know that these are the first steps that will lead us into Beechwood’s 150th anniversary. Not many places, organizations or companies can claim to hit that milestone. Beechwood has served our community for those 150 years.

During this time, we have been present in the development of Canada, in the growth of our country, our city and our shared cultural and historical identities. Beechwood has been open to all Canadians from coast to coast to coast and new Canadians who have helped build this country. Each community has been welcomed to Beechwood with their own tradition, and honoured and celebrated within our grounds.

We have established great national cemeteries commemorating the service of our Canadian Armed Forces, the RCMP, CSIS and our own Ottawa Police. These cemeteries have set the standard of what a national cemetery should look like. We became the National Cemetery of Canada and established new programs, events and educational initiatives to share our national history. 2022 sets us on the road to our 150th anniversary. Each month of 2022 brings us close to that most important anniversary.

Over the course of the next year, we will be sharing more interesting histories about the development of Beechwood, from our grounds to our buildings to the people who chose to make Beechwood their final resting place. We look forward to starting this journey and taking our first steps on the path to our 150th.