The Great Canadians Tour and Key Feature Map

Beechwood, the National Cemetery of Canada was established in 1873 on 160 acres of land. Since its founding, there have been over 85,000 peoples buried at Beechwood, including many prominent and notables Canadians figures.

In the 1990’s Beechwood Cemetery Foundation established the Great Canadian Profile Plaque Program to educate our families and visitors on the history of those buried here. Beechwood Cemetery Foundation continues to add plaques each year.

This map identifies the location of all Great Canadian Profile Plaques, it also identifies the individuals associated with the Reconciling History Program (RHP). The Great Canadian Profiles plaque program is possible thanks to our generous donors.

Their gifts allow us to provide educational and historical programming and events, such our Annual Historical Tour, historical research and the free publication of the Beechwood Way.

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