The Great Canadian Profiles plaques

Beechwood, the National Cemetery of Canada was established in 1873 on 160 acres of land. Since its founding, there have been over 85,000 people buried at Beechwood, including many prominent Canadian historical figures, some of whom are featured in the Great Canadian Profiles plaque program.

These bright green plaques bear a brief bilingual biography on a person of historical interest who is buried nearby. The plaque program was started in the late 1990s, and there are now over 70 plaques in place, with more being added each year.

As you walk around the cemetery, you discover incredible stories of Canadians who have made Canada the country it is. People who have contributed to every aspect of Canadian society from literature, arts, science, politics, military and health care. 

Explore and discover these interesting people who rest at Beechwood. Click here to download the Great Canadian Tour Pamphlet.