The Unveiling of the Children’s Sacred Forest

The trilingual plaque reads:

This sacred forest, and the stone commemorating it, are as enduring as our love for thousands of First Nations, Métis and Inuit children who never made it home from Canada’s ‘Indian Residential Schools’ between the 1870’s and the 1990’s.

On September 30 2023, Beechwood Cemetery Foundation alongside our partners, the First Nations Child & Family Caring Society and the Assembly of 7 Generations unveiled a new Sacred Forest. This monument features three large boulders, with a central plaque.

sacred forest

Behind this feature are 7 dwarf pines. These dwarf pines were supplied by Trees for Life. This contribution provided the ability to secure theses unique trees which will only grow to the height of a child.

  • 3 Pinus strobus Ground Hugger White Pine
  • 2 Pinus strobus Niagara Falls white Pine
  • 2 Pinus strobus Mini Twists White Pine

This Children’s Sacred Forest will be a focal point to reconciliation and the long journey we still have ahead of us.