Some plants are not what they appear.

It may look like the common Japanese maple; however, the Arctic Jade™ maple is a newer hybrid maple that is good for harsher climate. This hybrid, between a Japanese maple with a Korean Maple, was created as smaller tree that can tolerate our harsh Ottawa winters.

This Arctic Jade™ Maple has an excellent branching habit with an impressive canvas that supports a beautiful cut foliage. This foliage will remain jade green in spring and summer, to become orange and red in fall.

Beechwood’s Chief Horticulturalist Tip: The Arctic Jade™ is an excellent substitution for Japanese maple. As it’s a very hardy, faster growing small garden maple. It has a great fall colour and is much easier to colour coordinate a green leaved plant in a garden design then the more common red leaved Japanese maple.

The Iseli Nursery in Boring, Oregon has launched this hybridization program as the Jack Frost® Collection. They continue to work on the collection and may produce more hardy varieties in years to come.


Korean Maple Korean Maple_leaf