The Macoun Marsh

Nestled in the southeast corner of Beechwood lays a little oasis filled with foxes, salamanders, blue herons, woodpeckers, frogs, turtles and even groundhogs. This unique pocket of urban wetland is home to over 1,500 different types of wildlife, fungi, plants, and aquatic animals. A woodland path lined with greenery winds around the edge of a peaceful pond leading visitors to a little wooden classroom.

The marsh is named after a pioneering Canadian naturalist, John Macoun, who was born in Ireland in 1831, then came to Canada in 1850, and after some years of farming began a teaching career. His interest in botany took him into the wilds of every corner of Canada. He was known as the Professor, Dean of Canadian Naturalists, and Canada's first Dominion Botanist. His body rests at Beechwood Cemetery in Section 39, Lot 73 S.

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