Beechwood’s commemorations focus on moments in history and the people who looked to contribute something bigger

While the dictionary typically defines a “commemoration” as a ceremony or celebration in which a person or event is remembered, at Beechwood Cemetery the occasion takes on a much deeper meaning. For Canada’s national cemetery, commemorations are a way for the country’s wide-ranging communities to be seen and to reflect on who they are within a Canadian context. In May alone, Beechwood will host diverse commemorations that span the Netherlands, Ukraine, and Canada’s justice system.

“Having these commemorative moments allows communities to build and validates their contributions to Canada and beyond,” says Nick McCarthy, Beechwood’s director of marketing, communications and community outreach.

“Every service, big or small, is a commemoration. No matter where you think you fit into Canadian history, you’re part of the story and there is something noteworthy about every single person and community that is commemorated.”

Community commemorations at Beechwood

At Beechwood, commemorations vary from funerals and plaque unveilings to remembrance ceremonies. Throughout the year, the cemetery holds a wide range of commemorations, many of which have been faithfully observed for decades.

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