Reconciling History

Beginning in 2014, the Beechwood Cemetery Foundation have collaborated with the Indigenous community to create the Reconciling History program. Beechwood has partnered with the First Nations Child & Family Caring Society and KAIROS Canada.

With the ultimate goal of education and awareness, Beechwood strives to show both sides of history by not excluding the impact many prominent Canadians buried in our grounds had on the Indigenous community. Choosing rather to highlight both their achievements and their short comings to provide a rounded view of history.

The Great Canadian Plaque program is a refreshing and unique way to display history. Rather than tear down plaques highlighting the prominent work Canadians did, the plaques are transformed to a duel reflection informing the reader about both their achievements and the impact they had on the Indigenous community. Beechwood does not want to rewrite history or show one side of a person. People are complicated and conflicting beings, and these plaques reflect that.

Beechwood’s Reconciling History Program has updated plaques for Dr Peter Bryce, Nicholas Flood Davin and Duncan Campbell Scott.

Beechwood is a keeper of Canadian history, and strives to provide the best education to our families and those visiting the grounds.

Through the Tour Program, the Great Canadian Plaques, and Blanket Ceremonies, the Reconciling History program aims to foster respect and healing through education.