A notable tradition, but not a tradition noted

The morning of October 4th, 2021, Ambassador Ines Coppoolse and Defense Attaché Ton Linssen from the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Canada, alongside Beechwood Cemetery’s Chief Horticulturalist, Trevor Davidson, and Nick McCarthy, Director of Marketing, Communications and Community Outreach, took part in a simple tulip planting ceremony.

The ceremony itself is the first of its kind at Beechwood Cemetery. It is the first time that both the Embassy and Beechwood together plant this gift of tulips. The donation is planted in the Garden of Angels, Beechwood Cemetery Children Section, because of the variety of colours and tulips received. It does bring much needed colour and joy to this somber section.

As for the history of the gift, neither the Embassy nor Beechwood knows its legacy. It’s a quiet gift received every year, a tradition from the Embassy to the National Cemetery of Canada. However, this donation predates the designations Beechwood has received. As Mr. Davidson stated: “For as long as any of us can remember, we’ve always received this gift”. On the Embassy side, no one can find documentation on when it started either. It has always happened.

“This is such a wonderful mystery and a beautiful connection between the Embassy, Beechwood and the Dutch and Canadian people”, stated Ambassador Ines Coppoolse. Both the Embassy and Beechwood are asking our city and any former staff of the Embassy or Beechwood to provide details on when, why, and how this tradition started.

It’s a notable tradition, however it’s not a tradition that has been noted. And we would really like to share its history and note it every year.

tulips in the garden of angels