Interments at Beechwood Cemetery

We are honored you have chosen Beechwood Cemetery as the final resting place for your loved one.

Here is what to expect at the time of the interment/inurnment.

We ask that your family members and guests arrive at the main building about 15 to 20 minutes before the interment time. Once at the Beechwood National Memorial Centre (office), we ask you to advise our reception team that you and your guests have arrived.

A Beechwood Interment Attendant (known as a “Lead-In”) will be assigned to your family. Upon receiving word of your arrival, they will meet with you to discuss any last-minute details, and/or to answer any of your questions. For an urn service, we ask that you notify our Beechwood Interment Attendant if you wish to carry the urn to the grave or prefer that they do it on your behalf.

Once all attending family members and guests have been confirmed, the Beechwood Interment Attendant will direct the procession to the graveside.

Depending on the location of the grave or niche, the procession can take place by walking or driving, with guests following our attendant on foot or in their own respective vehicles.

When you arrive at the grave, you will notice our complimentary set-up, which includes the grave dressing and 4-5 chairs.

Your family has the option to have clergy/celebrant conduct a small service or the family members can lead the service themselves. The Beechwood Interment Attendant will remain with your group for the duration of the graveside service, but cannot act as the officiant.

On average, a graveside service is about 20 minutes, but you have a maximum of 30 minutes.

At the conclusion of the service, the urn or casket will be placed in the grave or niche. At that time, any small personal mementos or fresh flowers can be placed alongside the urn or on top of the casket. Many families choose to attend the closing of the grave or niche, however, we ask that you move back a few metres to allow the Beechwood Team the space to provide the proper service for your loved one.

If you choose not to attend the closing of the grave or niche, a Beechwood Team member will be present until the grave or niche have been closed properly.

Rest assured that at no time will your loved one’s urn or casket be left unattended. Once the grave or niche have been closed properly, you are welcome to return to the graveside. Any flowers that have been taken to the service will be placed on the grave or in front of the niche. We ask that no vases be brought to the graveside.

Once this is completed, depending on your arrangements, you may return to the Beechwood National Memorial Centre for your reception or leave the cemetery.

Legal Documents – Cremation/Burial

The one legal document that is required prior to the burial/inurnment is the original certificate of cremation. If Beechwood provided the cremation service, this document is on file; if you chose another cremation service, we would ask you to provide the document that they issued.

Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance, we are always willing to help.