Standing the test of time – A memorial guide

When thinking about cemeteries, the monument is always the first visual that comes to mind. A monument is that final tribute to the life and times of your deceased loved one.

Monuments can be known by many names such as a headstone, tombstone, or gravestone. A monument stands upright at the head of the grave. In most cases, it has the deceased's name, date of birth, and date of death inscribed on it, along with a personal message, or prayer, and can have different imagery or symbols.

Each monument can tell a story of the life of the deceased by sharing their passions, such as gardening, skiing, hockey playing, or the professional affiliations including post nominals or organizations symbols.

Beechwood offers a wide variety of memorialization choices, including the upright monuments, flat markers, tree dedications, bench dedications, Book of Remembrance, Tree of Life, niches, granite boulders and individual family mausolea. For those selecting cremation and urn burial, memorialization is often integrated into our urn interment locations.

Beechwood has prepared this simple eBook to help you with all the decisions and guide you through this important step in your family and loved one’s life.