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In loving Memory

Petronella (Nellie) was a warm and compassionate woman who loved her family and God. She is a descendant of the French Huguenots and Scottish Jews who immigrated to South Africa. Raised by her father, Gerhardus Prinsloo, a police officer, and her mother, Johanna Diamond, who often stepped in as the community midwife, Nellie and her four brothers and four sisters grew up in Pretoria. Nellie was the last to survive her siblings. She beat many odds, and passionately spoke about the events that made up her life's journey. Nellie survived the Spanish Flu (1920), World War II (1939), and lived through part of the global COVID-19 pandemic which struck in 2020.

Nellie was a dedicated wife and mother first and foremost. She married her loving husband, Adriaan Jacobus Erasmus Kruger (Atjie) on April 1, 1944. Following the passing of Atjie, Nellie moved with her son and daughter-in-law to join them on Canadian soil in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She became a proud Canadian citizen at the age of 88 in 2006. 

Nellie lived for her family, and marvelled in and embraced every moment she could. Nellie had an incredible memory, and often amazed others as she recited poems and retold folk tales memorized  from childhood. Nellie was a living testimony to her family and friends that she was a child of God. Having lived a long, full, and blessed life, one of her greatest qualities was to gently remind others to be kind because time is precious. Nellie was called Home at the age of 102 and is now reunited in Heaven with her Saviour, Jesus Christ, her husband Atjie, beloved, first-born granddaughter, Linda Ahmed (née Kruger), and other loved ones.

Nellie's final resting place is at the Beechwood Cemetery in Ottawa. Nellie is survived by the following, and will be remembered as incredible and loving Mother of her only child, Adriaan (Jannie) Jacobus Erasus Kruger. Cherished Mother-in-law to Wilhelmina (Willa) Christina Kruger (née Alberts). Adored Grandmother of Ronel Du Plessis (née Kruger) and Zelda Burt (née Kruger). Precious Great-grandmother of Zain and Leyhana Ahmed, Joshua Du Plessis, and Olivia Isobel Diamond Burt. Beloved Aunt to her siblings' children and their loved ones. Beautiful soul to many friends and family across the world.

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