Company of Fools presents The Tempest

Behind the Beechwood Mausoleum

A shipwreck. A deserted island. A man with a 12 year-old grudge. Betrayal. Revenge. Magic. And a little bit of power imbalance thrown in for good measure. Welcome to The Tempest.

Join The Fools as we take on Shakespeare’s story of freedom and redemption. 6 actors. 90 minutes. Coming to a park near you! Duke Prospero, or should we say ‘ex’ Duke Prospero has been waiting for this moment for 12 long years.

Overthrown from power by his very own brother, he has been rehearsing this encounter every night as he fell asleep on the deserted island he found himself banished to. But, as the ship bearing his arch enemies draws closer and closer, will Prospero reclaim his rule, or falter when new enemies emerge?

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