Butterfly Memorial Event - BFO Ottawa

Botanical Garden, 280 Beechwood Avenue

On Sunday, June 4 at 3 pm, the Ottawa community will come together to experience The Butterfly Memorial Event, by BFO-Ottawa. Come in person or tune in virtually to watch the ceremony at Beechwood, Canada's National Cemetery, to remember our loved ones.

All too often, people are left to grieve alone. At BFO-Ottawa, we believe in coming together as a community to support one another. 

The event begins with a remembrance ceremony in the non-denominational, Sacred Space inside the Beechwood National Memorial Centre.  It features music and inspirational speakers.  For those who register in advance, your loved one’s photo or name will be displayed on a large screen. After the ceremony, we move outside to share a symbolic release of live painted lady butterflies. 

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