Richelieu Park Crypt

People often ask about the crypt looking building found in the Richelieu Park in Vanier. Does it belong to Beechwood Cemetery? Why does a fence separate Beechwood and the crypt?

According to all Beechwood records, the crypt does not belong to the cemetery. In fact, it may not even be a crypt at all. On the outside of the structure, the date 1944 is clearly visible. During that time, the area was owned by the White Fathers missionary society, who, from 1938 to 1976, used to use the property to train missionaries headed to Africa. The building they once worked out of is now an Ottawa Public Library.  According to the Vanier Museopark, the structure was likely a food shelter for the missionaries. The dark and cool temperatures from the rocks made it ideal for food storage. Walking past the structure, it is easy to mistake it for a crypt just like the ones Beechwood has. The outside looks very similar to the crypts found in Sections 60, G, and 26. Perhaps in the past, the missionaries asked Beechwood for their contact to build it.

Fun fact, most of the historic crypts Beechwood has are so old they needed to be filled with sand to prevent them from falling in on themselves.