Dealing with grief during the Holidays

The Holidays and New Year can be a happy time of year, most can spend time with their families, friends and loved ones. However, if you have recently lost a loved one, the Holidays and New Year can be incredibly challenging time.

Grief never truly goes away, and those feelings can come back during the Holidays. Here are a few suggestions when you are confronted with grief during the Holidays.

Talk to the people in your life

Mourning can be different for everyone, and we all have thoughts and beliefs on how to grieve.

It may be useful to speak openly with family and friends about how to remember your loved one. This mutual understanding of each other feelings, will make it easier to celebrate the Holidays.

Continue your Holiday traditions

Traditions can be important and provide a sense of routine, of familiarity, which can be helpful for dealing with loss over the Holidays. Spending time with friends and family can be the best way to deal with grief and you should allow yourself that comfort.

Establish new Holiday traditions

New traditions can be a wonderful way to celebrate your loved one. New traditions can be as simple as watching their favorite Holiday movies, eating a specific dessert, or taking time out and visiting the cemetery

Connect with your loved one

Take the time to reminisce on thoughts and memories with your loved ones. Share photos of Holidays past and celebrate the happy memories.

Take time outside

Step outside. This may be the last thing you want to do, but isolation and staying in one place may amplify your grief. Getting out for walk will allow you time to work through your grief and anxiety you may be feeling.

Give back

Taking a bit of time to give back to others may be a helpful distraction and will be rewarding to others and yours. It can be a fantastic way to honour the memory of your loved one and can be as simple as writing cards for senior’s homes, finding a way to give back to a local shelter or even reaching out to family to see if they’d like help.

Give yourself a break

Grief can affect everyone differently and give yourself the time you need to feel. You don’t need to celebrate the Holidays as you normally do and it’s OK. Holidays without a loved one isn’t normal, and it won’t be for some time. So, don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself during what is already a challenging time. Instead, do what you feel comfortable with, and take the time you need to grieve and look after yourself.

Remember give yourself a break, grief is a process.Don’t forget to ask for help when you need it.