A companion for children: Echo the Fox

Beechwood’s Echo the Fox is a companion for children during funeral services, a companion to hold and cuddle when things get too confusing or difficult. Given at the time of the funeral services, children are invited to cuddle with their Echo whenever they get sad or miss their loved one. Echo’s purpose goes beyond the funeral services. He can be used as a teaching tool to open conversations regarding death and the grieving process.

Why Echo

The Fox was proudly named Echo, to remind us that those who leave us are never completely gone. An “echo” of them stays with us always through our memories. The tear on its cheek represents all the tears shed for a lost loved one, while the heart locket evokes the love of those surrounding us.Fox

Why a Fox

Beechwood is renowned for its urban nature and beautiful gardens. The fox reflects this quiet beauty, while being comforting to children. A fox family, famous amongst the employees, lives in the Macoun Marsh area of the cemetery. With this in mind, an artist was approached with the idea to create a lovable, cuddly character, unique to Beechwood.

Echo the Fox is available exclusively at Beechwood, Funeral, Cemetery and Cremation Services.