Common Songs and Hymns for Funeral Service

Choosing the right music and songs for your loved ones’ funeral will personalize the service and truly celebrate their life in a lasting way. Songs can easily bring memories of your loved one every time you hear it.

What music is played at funerals?

A funeral service is a celebration of life and song(s) should encourage this feeling, music can be a central part of any ceremony.

Can any music be suitable for a funeral?

If it’s a representation of your loved one and it won’t cause offense to their family or friends, there is no music that’s off limits. Genres can vary from pop songs, classical music, TV theme songs, heavy metal music – and plenty more.

How to choose funeral music?

When you are thinking of songs to play at your loved one’s funeral, try not to limit yourself to what other people say is a good choice for a funeral song. Start by thinking about your loved one’s favorite songs and consider if any of them would be meaningful to play during the service.

Songs can also be representative of your loved ones, so choosing one that makes you think of them may be a good choice. A funeral is a celebration of life, and don’t skip playing the happy songs.

How many pieces of music do you have at funerals?

Traditionally, funerals have at least two music slots – one for entering and one for leaving – but this can be the same song. If you are choosing to include a slideshow or something similar, this can be another chance to add music throughout the funeral.

Even choosing a song for a eulogy might bring a celebratory note to the ceremony as well.

Should a funeral director sort out music for the service?

For services, the family chooses the music and informs the funeral director, who will then organize it. If the service is being held at a church, the family will usually deal with the minister directly.

When you are making funeral plans it’s a good idea to consider whether you are going to play a piece of music at any point.  The music is a simple way to personalize the ceremony and often sets the tone for the entire service – joyful, sad, uplifting.

Don’t forget, a funeral should be a celebration of life and music can be an important part of this celebration.

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