Kevin Shanahan

Conseiller du cimetière

A bilingual graduate of the University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of Business, Kevin Shanahan moved to Ottawa to complete his degree in Entrepreneurship and begin his career with Beechwood. Interestingly enough, from a young age Kevin always envisioned himself working for and or owning a business in the bereavement industry which makes working for Canada’s National Cemetery and Canada’s National Military Cemetery all that more special for him. An enthusiast for any and all sports, Kevin especially enjoys both playing and watching what he deems the “greatest sport ever created”: hockey. Growing up in a small town just outside of Montreal,

Kevin is a diehard Canadiens fan although, as he admits, since moving to Ottawa he’s found a soft spot in his heart for those pesky Sens. Within Beechwood, Kevin is a Liaison for the CSIS Memorial Cemetery and a general counsellor for the rest of the cemetery. As a result, Kevin is honored and privileged to be able to serve the many different families from all walks of life found in Ottawa and its surrounding areas.