When Life Changes “The Gift of No Surprises”

Borden Fleming Room - 280 Beechwood Avenue

We all desire to take care of our families – we manage and plan our life events, as best we can. Sometimes though change happens unexpectedly - a debilitating illness, a catastrophic disability or sudden death. At such times it can be either too late or much too difficult to talk about getting our affairs in order.

Vital estate matters can often be overlooked to the detriment of loved ones. Guidance in Advance Planning is required. Our educational workshop When Life Changes can help. This presentation provides the framework to ask the necessary questions by “Having the Talk”!

We enable participants to gain the necessary knowledge to not only get their most personal wishes and preferences known but to get them documented and recorded. We provide a complimentary Vital Information Booklet.

As a value-added bonus, Beechwood Cemetery will provide you with a complimentary copy of “When Life Changes” a book co-authored by Dr. Bill Webster and Gordon MacGregor.

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