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Beechwood Cemetery

Beechwood Cemetery - Founded in 1873, Beechwood was designated a National Historic Site in 2001 because of its key role in Canadian heritage. It is a reflection of Canada’s identity as a multicultural and multi-faith society. Over 400 famous burials reside on the grounds including politicians, writers, and inventors. Meet us in front of the Beechwood Mausoleum.

Tours are available as follows:

Mausoleum: Sat. & Sun.; 10:00 to 3 PM

National Memorial Centre and Hall of Colours: Sunday only; 10:00 to 12:pm

Historical walking tours (90 minutes per tour):

Sat @ 10:30 a.m.: History of Ottawa including mayors

Sat @ 1:30 p.m.: General History of Beechwood

Sun @ 10:30 a.m.: History of Canadian Security Forces, Canadian Forces, RCMP, CSIS and Ottawa Police Service

Sun @ 1:30 p.m.: General History of Beechwood

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