Beechwood is always looking to give back to the community, to be sustainable and innovative. We discovered a company during the renovation of our Borden/Fleming Reception Rooms, which meets this triple bill.

Maker House, a local woodworking company in Hintonburg, outsourced the creation of our masterpiece dinning table to Ottawa GROW Training Centre which was founded in 2008 by Christian Horizons. This feature table was handcrafted from wood that was harvested in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way. The wood for the Beechwood table is from a fallen tree near Almonte, Ontario. The artisans at Grow studios built a beautiful wood table with live edges that are mirrored in a center cut-out.

This table was a labour of love by these artisans. It is said that most people’s fondest memories are made gathered around a table. This is what we hope to provide a place to gather, to fill the chairs with loved ones, have a meal and together share their fondest memories.

Grow Studios employs 50 people with exceptional needs, who operatea 6 different businesses including Jewellery, Pottery, Woodworking, Art, Printing Studio, and Lawn Care. For more information, please visit their website: http://www.growstudios. org/about-us/