Coyote living at Beechwood

Beechwood for the past few months has had a coyote living on the southern part of the grounds.

The Canis latrans is one of the seven types of the Canidae family found in Canada. Others are: the wolf, red fox, arctic fox, grey fox, swift fox, and dog.

In Canada, the coyote traditionally inhabits parkland and prairie in the three prairie provinces. However, it has spread north into the boreal forest, west into the mountains, and east into Ontario, Quebec, and the Atlantic provinces. We think the coyote made its way in from the green belt along the water from Orleans.

Beechwood has a surplus of small animals, such as ground hogs for the coyote to eat.

We recommend people do not go looking for coyote as it is still as wild animal. We also recommend people with outdoor cats to be aware of the threat. The coyote will likely move on after winter.