Pushed out and silenced: How one doctor was punished for speaking out about residential schools


Cindy Blackstock was searching for allies in the history books. She was hoping to find someone who spoke out about residential schools, about the high death rate of students, the maltreatment of Indigenous children, and the inequalities. 

While reading A National Crime by historian John Milloy, Blackstock came across the work of Dr. Peter Henderson Bryce. That's when she thought to herself, "That's the example. There's the person who was of that time, who knew better, who stood up for these kids and did everything in his power to make sure that they wouldn't die." 

Great radio interview with Dr. Blackstock and the Reconciling History Program at Beechwood - Listen - https://www.cbc.ca/radio/unreserved/exploring-the-past-finding-connections-in-little-known-indigenous-history-1.5531914/pushed-out-and-silenced-how-one-doctor-was-punished-for-speaking-out-about-residential-schools-1.5534953


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