Living Well Leaving Well Workshop

Borden Fleming Room - 280 Beechwood Avenue

This lively and interactive workshop presentation is based on the importance of building and preserving life legacies. This unique and exclusive event, available only through the Canadian Preplanning Council, takes participants on life’s adventurous journey, utilizing the power of anecdotal stories, and inspiring hands-on life experience exercises that move people to action.

This workshop provides valuable tips on how to preserve vital family legacies via the Living Well Leaving Well Legacy Guide, which are provided to each attendee. Attendees will learn important methods to assist them in avoiding and alleviating future stress, at a time of loss or illness.

Workshop attendees will also enjoy the upbeat delivery of the educational content, the process of learning new information, discovering areas that need attention, and leave with simple Peace of Mind strategies and complementary resources that they can implement immediately.

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